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10 Reasons Why Vision Boards Are Beneficial (+ FREE Mobile Board)

Some of you probably find vision boards a little skeptical. But I assure you that this isn’t just some failed art project. It is time to explore and use your creativity. Bring success into your own hands by laying your passions out right in front of you. 

10 reasons why vision boards are beneficial:

1. It’s fun! Endorphin is released at the pure excitement of you being that much closer to your goals
2. It provides you with incentives. A visual reflection of your goals that are right in front of you every day
3. Satisfaction of checking each of them off
4. Multiply your chances of success
5. Daily motivation
6. The law of attraction
7. Builds self esteem
8. Encourage you to take action and establish new habits
9. Good for mental health. Helps you find a solution and resolve tension
10. It’s 100% in your hands. Your goals are endless. You can add anything from body goals, relationship goals, travel goals, activities, or simply learning something new (cooking, instrument, language, etc.)

How to Create a Vision Board: 


  • Below are two mobile cork boards you can save to your images. Use the white sticky note on the right side of the board to list your “smaller” goals for the year. 
  • Open your favorite picture editing app and start adding pictures and quotes. 
  • Save it as your background so you never lose sight of it.

10 Reasons Why Vision Boards Are Beneficial 10 Reasons Why Vision Boards Are Beneficial

Cork Board: 

  • Print or tear out pictures from a magazine that signifies your top 6 goals of the year and pin them to the board. (Be creative: add a small bag of sand and seashells for a destination goal or a key that signifies owning a home.
  • Hang the cork board up in your room, office, or by your front door – somewhere that’s visible. 
  • Mark an X or check mark on each goal that is achieved. 

You’ve put the motion at play, now it’s time to put in the work. Let us know what your top 6 goals are for 2017 and be sure to update us once you’ve achieve them. 

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