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How to Stay Within Budget After an Expensive Flight

After booking an expensive flight, you’re probably wondering how the hell you’re going to enjoy your trip and still stick within your budget. Everyone has their own money management skills when traveling but I know I do my best to spend less while doing more.

How to Stay Within Budget After an Expensive Flight

It seems like booking a cheap flight doesn’t come by easily anymore. Especially for those trips that surround a holiday or that are during peak season. However, below is how you can stay within your travel budget after purchasing an expensive flight.


» Book your flight and hotel together for a lower rate.

» Stay in a small/cheap hotel. 9 times out of 10 you’re only going to be in there to sleep. $200+/night to lay your head in a room that does the exact same as the $100/night hotel isn’t worth it.

» Ask for discounts.

» The more friends you invite, the less everyone has to pay.

» Book early. 

» Stay a night or two in a nicer hotel and the rest of the trip in a more affordable one. 


» Eat at diners, they tend to be cheaper.

» Carry snacks to avoid over spending out of hunger.

» Chew gum to block those cravings.

» If your hotel room has a microwave, invest in a couple $1-$3 frozen meals for lunch.


» Bargain. Vendors rather make a sell than none at all.

» Buy stuff you’re actually going to use.

» Buy alcohol to pregame before heading out. Prices at bars, club, or any tourist spots are always overpriced. 


» Look on Groupon/LivingSocial.

» Do your research on cheaper activities outside of the tourist area(s).

» Take advantage of package deals rather than booking separately.

» Contact your hotel’s front desk for discounted rates.

There are always ways to save and stay within your travel budget. Try not to do too much in one trip. Save some money and give yourself a reason to come back.

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