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Tomorrow World 2015

Getting to the Festival:

From excitement to disaster, this trip was definitely one for the books. We decided to rent a car and take an 10h road trip down to Atlanta for the Saturday show.

Tomorrow world

Mind you it was raining the ENTIRE way there and I’ve never drove more than 30 minutes outside my city.

BeFunky Design1

We waited 40 minutes in line for the shuttle. Once it came, it was another hour drive to the site. The anticipation was killing us!!! This place was literally in the middle of nowhere. People were peeing on the side of the roads – holding their penis in one hand and a beer in the other (LOL!).

Due to the muddy conditions, the shuttle had to drop us off 10 minutes (walking distance) from the main entrance.

During the Festival:



Once inside, we started walking around to explore the land of TomorrowWorld. We even got interviewed by the Atlanta Magazine. As if the first 4 stages weren’t enough, we found a long trail further into the woods, which led us to 3 more stages. Now if you’re not into EDM, I already know what you’re thinking – Molly, X, Weed, Alcohol. And the answer is YES, EDM = Drugs. A lot of weird people on weird shit. However, it isn’t all about doing drugs and feeling some type of high, it’s about enjoying the music and having fun. We prefer to enjoy the concerts awake and alive (say no to drugs kids!).




Anywaysss, after a long day of walking around and eating the best bacon cheese fries, we walked back to the main stage to watch Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Afrojack, and Hardwell. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike were by far the best performance! Their energy and involvement with the crowd was unbelievable.

After the Festival:


After a very long day of driving and jumping around, we decided to leave halfway through Hardwell’s set so we could beat the crowd. As we ran up the hill to the shuttles, we see a huge crowd of angry “ravers” throwing everything and anything they could find. Turns out, that was the “line” to get on the shuttles back to the parking location. It’s around 1am and we’re starting to crash! 15 minutes past, 30 minutes past… 45 minutes past, and no movement whatsoever. All of a sudden, the crowd of people that decided to stay until the end started to show up and pass us. Oh no honey! We looked at each other and knew we had to sneak our way up. We managed to get far without people cursing us out.

Nothing was organized. First they weren’t prepared for the rain and no one  was controlling the shuttle situation. Before you know it, everyone RAN!!! Thousands of ravers rushed through the street trying to get on the shuttles. It was chaos! The drivers were confused, weren’t letting us on, and had no sense in direction. After passing at least 10 shuttles, we finally made it on… TO THE WRONG FUCKING ONE! Apparently there were two different parking locations (Sigh!).

At this point, everything is at a standstill. No one was moving! We were on the shuttle for at least 2 hours with no cell service. We were freaking out – scared that our rental car was going to be towed and we weren’t going to make it home.

Eventually, one raver bribed the driver $100 to take us to the parking location where our rental car was. We got off and bolted through the field with our flashlights, praying it was still there. Thank you Jesus, we found it!

Traveling Back Home:


We barely drove 30 minutes outside Atlanta before our bodies started crashing. This is not how we wanted to die. We decided to pull into a hotel parking lot to sleep for an hour. Natasha’s alarm goes off and I pretend to be knocked out. I opened one eye and this woman is already back to sleep. We finally wake up at 7am and make our long journey back to Maryland, blasting EDM and drinking energy drinks to stay awake. I don’t know how we did it or how we didn’t die on the road that day, but thank God we made it home safely.



Things to bring:

  • Fanny pack
  • Feminine wipes/Toilet paper – toilet paper will run out
  • Old shoes – I literally left mine on the side of the road
  • Flag – represent where you’re from!
  • Portable phone charger
  • Earplugs
  • Prepackaged rain poncho – they ran out once we got there
  • Food
  • Sunscreen – you will fry


Things to expect:

  • A LOT of walking
  • Shuttle delays – I would recommend camping out
  • Temperature change – hot during the day, cold at night





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