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Three Things We Struggle With As Bloggers

I’ve always dreamed of becoming an inspiring travel blogger that shares her experiences a woman of color. There are not a lot of bloggers out there that I could find that I related to which is why I wanted to start my own. More as a diary and hopefully inspire someone else along the way.

It was a great dream, but now it was time to start the hustle. As you know blogging takes work and time and a full-time worker it was hard to train myself to put in the time to work on my blog. Everyone wants to end goal, the dream but never wants to work for it and I started off that way.

Thinking it was going to be easy until I actually starting managing and learning what it takes to be a travel blogger.

Three Things We Struggle With As Bloggers

Three Things We Struggle With As Bloggers:


There is every enough time in the day… while that’s not true there is if you make what you want a priority. I failed myself last year, I didn’t give myself time to blog or promote this website and it hurt my views tremendously. After working a 9-6pm job, the last thing I wanted to do was hope back on the laptop and start creating content. Though to actually start living the life you want, you have to be willing to make sacrifices that will pay off in the long run.

The goal for 2018:

  1. Create structure in my life
  2. Use a planner
  3. Make it a priority

Content Creation

Being that we have full-time jobs, we don’t have enough vacation days to plan as many trips as we like. No being a travel blogger doesn’t mean you have to be traveling all the time, you can focus on the country you live in. However, the city we live in we doesn’t even try to go out as much to even write about it. Or if we do go out most of the time it’s not worth writing about.


Now that we have been blogging for a year, it’s time to promote right?… Great. But it’s not that easy, we want to promote it in a way that brings and keeps the readers. Now we have to plan a strategy to execute. You have to be consistent in promoting which is what we failed to do in 2017. Though that doesn’t mean it’s time to give up, it gives us the drive to learn from our fails and plan for the year.

You have to learn from your struggles to strive for your business.



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