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Nooo!! Not your hair Mel!!

Yup, this just happened – 4 inches GONE! Every black female is probably cringing at the fact that I cut my beautiful long hair. However, long hair doesn’t mean healthy. I’ve struggled with heat damage and breakage since middle school but still managed to grow a good length of hair.
My hair below my shoulders is basically all damaged – I was too in love with the length to even go in for a trim.

I was a nervous wreck sitting in that chair, contemplating if I should really go through with it or not. Straight cut or V cut. Really short or reasonably short.


It’s only hair right, it’ll grow back…


I felt like if I was on America’s Next Top Model, this would’ve been the makeover Tyra Banks would’ve given me – or maybe even shorter. I’ve been wanting a new look for the longest time but have been too afraid of change or looking crazy because, “pretty light skins always have big foreheads” yea yea! Lol.

It’s time to put down the flat iron every once in while and say hello to my curls. I’m saying no to split ends! It’s time to commit to taking care of my hair, the healthy way. Plus it makes packing for my next trip even easier. 

Fresh start, new look for the summer… Let’s pray I don’t screw this up! Maybe I’ll even go shorter next time. Stay tuned!


Got any short hair hairstyles and tips? Best ways to get and keep healthy hair? Share your secrets below! I’ll thank you later 😉



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