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Taking Risks on My 25th Birthday – Part II (Miami)

Miami – South Beach

This was my second time in Miami. It was your typical trip of tanning, partying, and having no limits. My goal was to worry less about sleep and more about having fun.


On our last night, my sister’s friend and I decided to go out one last time. We started at a bar then made our way to Story. It was 3am and we weren’t ready to head back. Then we remembered this place called Club Space that opened from 12am – 4pm. Yes! 4PM the next day. How the hell do people party that long?



“Trust me” she said. “You’ll have a blast” she said. (Yea right!)

She eventually convinced me to go. After all, we both liked EDM. We get there and the cover was mad expensive ($30-$40 for girls). We made our way to the EDM floor and all I can remember was wondering where the hell was I. From people dancing alone with their eyes closed to people asking me if I wanted drugs, no wonder people give me weird looks when I tell them I listen to EDM.

This was not EDM at all! It was trance music. You know, that one steady beat that never seems to stop. We partied  until the sun came up and made our way back to the hotel around 7am.



9am rolls around and it’s time to pack to check out. A friend invites us to a brunch and pool party at her hotel 5 hours before my flight takes off. As much as I needed sleep, I stuck with my goal and we made our way to the party. Everyone was dancing in and out of the pool, drink in one hand, chicken tender in the other. This was the life.

At this moment I realized that sometimes you have to take a step back and realize how precious life is. Get out of your comfort zone, loosen up, and have some fun. Sleep will come, but getting on an airplane a little tipsy won’t hurt you.


You have one life to live, so live it up!



Click here to read part one of my birthday trip at the Indy 500!

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