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Review: Flying Aboard Air France

What is it like flying aboard Air France on a double-deck aircraft?

Surprisingly more at ease than you’d think. Of course the free wine and unlimited movie selection could’ve helped, but this may have been my favorite airplane experience.

This picture does no justice to how huge double-deck aircraft are. How does this thing even lift off the ground?? Friendly and helpful staff, beautiful renovated design, and great accommodations. Turbulence halfway through did get a little bumpy. I was told it happens when crossing the water overseas. 


Air France offers a diverse selection of entertainment. Music, movies and games are available to help passengers relax during their flight. Your seat comes complete with a personal video screen, pillow, blanket, headphones, and eye mask. 

One feature I truly enjoyed was being able to see 3 different view points on the outside of the aircraft – The tail, the nose, and underneath. Great for those who are not seated by a window and get a sense of comfort looking outside. I got to see the sun rising over the horizon as we got closer to landing in Paris. 

Overall comfort? It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The seats of course could always be better, however, that is the price you pay for economy. Only getting a couple hours of sleep the night before could also help ease the comfort. I was able to watch 2 movies I was hoping to see which made the flight time go by faster.


Your first meal starts with a beverage and a savory treat within an hour from takeoff.  You can then choose between 2 hot meals from the small menu provided. Top it all off with a coffee, tea or relaxing glass of liqueur. Keep in mind that certain destinations may provide specialty meals. FYI – Wine and champagne are FREE. 


Savory crackers
Beverage (Ginger ale)

Meal Option #1:
Penne arrabiatta (spicy), tomatoes, eggplants, bell pepers, parmesan
Cherry tomatoes
Chocolate tartlet
White wine

For an airplane meal, how tasty can it really be? The pasta tasted like salted cardboard. I picked out the eggplant and black olives (yuck) and skipped on eating the sauce to avoid any unwanted stomach ache for the next 10 hours. The side vegetable salad was okay but lacked flavor. The Chocolate tartlet was good until the third bite. It reminded me of a fake or knockoff type of dessert. The bread is your best friend. After all, how bad can you fuck that up. The wine was the best part. It helped relaxed me just enough to fall asleep imagining I was in my bed. 

Remember to order your preferred beverage at this time as they are only served during the first meal. Only coffee, tea and water are served thereafter.  

Meal Option #2:
Rotini pasta in tomato sauce, basil and diced feta cheese
Quinoa, corn and black bean salad
Apple sauce
Coconut cake
Red wine

This Rotini Pasta was better than the Penne arrabiatta listed above. Better texture and flavor. The Quinoa salad was good but not satisfying enough to finish it. I did not care for the coconut cake. It reminded me of a cheesecake but the flavor just didn’t cut it for me. Apple sauce = basic and good. 

Note to self: always carry hot sauce. It makes everything better. 

Meal Option #3:
Pizza hot pocket style sandwich
Fromage frais (white cheese)
Chocolate candy
White wine

This was my top meal, simply because it wasn’t too bad and reminded me of a hot pocket. The Fromage frais tasted very tart and sour. And you can’t go wrong with pineapple and chocolate.

CDG & ORLY Airport

Look for the “Transports/Ground Transport” signs to help guide you to where you need to go. This airport is a little confusing and cluttered.We waited a little less than an hour in line for a taxi to our hotel once we landed back in Paris after our Ibiza trip.


Make sure you set enough time aside if your connecting flight is at a different airport in Paris. Traffic getting out of the airport took an hour alone. One transportation option is boarding the Le Bus Direct (line 3) located at bus station 2E outside CDG airport. They also provide bus lines heading to popular Paris attractions. Visit their website for more information.

Price: 21€ single ticket, 36€ round trip

Once you have arrived at the other airport, inform the concierge, who checks your passport and ticket, if your flight is boarding soon and they may let you pass the line.


Image result for cdg to orly airport


Overall review: 4/4.5 out of 5

Overall comfort and meals could be better. We also got kicked out of the long customs/security line because they failed to mention that they weight carry-on bags leaving out of Paris. As a result, we made it to our gate just as it was beginning to board. Bags exceeding 27lbs (12 Kilos) total will require at least one to be checked in at zero cost. 

        quick TIPS:    

  • Don’t sleep the entire night before.
  • Get up and stretch your legs to avoid blood clots.
  • Say yes to the wine. It’s free, why are you even considering soda? 
  • Bring a sweater. Blankets aren’t warm/thick enough.
  • Take advantage of watching relatively new movies for free.
  • Choose an aisle seat. More leg room. 

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