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Reasons Why You Should Attend Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is one of the world’s largest electronic dance festivals that takes place every year in downtown Miami for 3 crazy days.

Why should you attend Ultra Music Festival? Well, let me tell you…..

You’ll end up making new festival friends that could last a lifetime! People come from all over to Miami to experience the culture and energy that transports you to another world.

We met some amazing people when we were there! Not sure if it was the drinks or the vibes that festivals bring, but everyone is extremely friendly and open to having a good time.

HOWEVER! Be careful of the people on drugs, I wasn’t paying attention to my surrounds and got punched by this guy while he trying to push through the crowd. 

I don’t know why he picked me but I was happy another guy came to save me.

The Stages! One of the best things about Ultra are their stages, each one has its own unique purpose and design. 

It has seven stages spread apart on the grounds of Bayfront Park, which includes the Main Stage, the Live stage, the MegaStructure, the Worldwide stage, the UMF Radio stage, the Resistance stage, and the Oasis stage. 

The Experience! You can’t experience Ultra by watching the sets on Youtube on your bed or from pictures on Instagram. You have to live it! To feel the rush of excitement the moment you enter the grounds. To take in the love and connection in the diverse crowds while dancing to the amazing beats that artists prepare.

Food! The stir fry noodles were BOMB! Well, I’m not saying go to Ultra because of the food, but they had a great variety to pick from and were well-organized. They were also reasonably priced along with the drinks.

Are you a newbie when it comes to Festivals? Don’t worry, check out our recent post on the Beginner Guide to Ultra Music Festival.

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