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What They Don’t Tell You About Girl’s Trips

They will get on your last nerve after 2 days

What They Don't Tell You About Girl's TripsI’ve never been on a trip longer than four days with my girlfriends so this was new to me. Being in a hotel with very different personalities can be challenging. From there the little things they say said getting under your skin. But don’t start counting down the days just yet, it’ll only ruin the trip.

You find out how nasty your girl friends really are

Of course being in a small hotel for a long period of time, there is always so much you can hold in – literally. Understandable you can’t go find another bathroom to go do your business, but my friends loved leaving the bathroom door open. Farting non-stop at any given time was surprising – trust me I’m not perfect but I didn’t prepare myself for what I was going to experience.

No one can make up their mind about anything

You start to realize everyone had their own idea of what they expected from the trip. Yet no one really agrees with each other! While I want to explore, one friend just want to lay on the beach all day and the other one just wanted to drink and meet guys. So deciding on the day to day activities can get very stressful. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have a plan everyone agrees on before going on the trip. Of course things change but having at least an idea where everyone is on the same page can help.

You will learn a lot about yourself

I’m already big about my personal space but after being with my girlfriends for 1.5 weeks in a hotel. I wanted to fly somewhere no one knew me and just be on my own. You have a better understanding and cherishment when it comes to being alone. It made me really want to solo travel and experience a new place on my own without having to think about the other people that I’m with. I know I do sound very selfish but can you blame me?

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