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Quick Guide to: DIY Items for Festivals

You’re planning on attending a festival but have no idea what to wear. Everything in your closet doesn’t scream music festival and you don’t have enough to spend on brand new items.

So what do you do? DIY, duh!

Quick Guide to: DIY Items for FestivalsWhat better way to attend an event than rocking your own style and creation. Use your imagination and make something dope that will have everyone asking – Where’d you get that from?!?

DIY Studded High-Waisted Shorts:

I made these shorts back in college when I had some down time. I bought the old fashion high-waisted shorts on ebay and thought they were missing something. I remembered watching a YouTube video of someone putting studs on their jacket so I figured, why not try studding these shorts. It’s easy, fun, and gets a lot of attention!


Step 1: Grab yo sh*t!

Make sure you have all your materials. You’ll need:

  1. Pair of scissor or sharp instrument
  2. A bag of studs (quantity depends on how crazy you want it)
  3. Adjustable wrench or hands
  4. Pen/Pencil
  5. High-waisted shorts
  6. Music or a movie – it will take a while!



Step 2: Make your mark!

Use a pencil, pen, or sharpie to mark the spots you want to stud. You can always choose to freehand it but keep in mind that putting them too close will cause the screws/studs to fall out.




Step 3: Poke!

Using your sharp instrument, make a hole through your first marking. Start from the back so you don’t poke too far.




Step 4: Push and screw!

Insert the screw back through the hole from the inside of your shorts. Then screw the stud onto the screw back and tighten with your hands or the wrench for more security. Keep doing this until the shorts are complete.








FYI – The more studs you put, the heavier the shorts will be.


Shorts: ~ $10 on ebay

Silver Studs: $5 – $10 for 100pcs 10MM on ebay

Time: 1.5 hours

DIY Studded Hat:


After making my shorts, I wanted to try something new. I bought another pack of studs but this time in gold (which costs a few bucks extra). I bought the hat at a local store and started marking the design.

Use the same steps provided above and enjoy! 🙂




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