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Questions for a Girl who Travels

I have gotten a few questions and thought it would be good to put together a FAQ on some questions I was asked.

Questions for a Girl who Travels

Questions for a Girl who Travels

What country do you come from or call home?

I always find this question hard to answer. I do call the United States, Maryland my home for the most part. But I grew up in the Middle East for most of my life.

What traveling means to you?

Everything. To me, it’s like a long rollercoaster ride, it has its ups and downs but it always gives me butterflies filled with excitement and I never want it to end.

How do you take care of yourself during travels?

I haven’t been the best at taking care of myself when I travel. But I definitely try to drink a lot of water when I can and watch what I eat. 

What beauty tip would you give to other girls traveling? 

Moistures, traveling can take a toll on your skin. The most important thing is to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

What is your favorite country you have been to so far and why?

Gambia – where my roots are from. It will always be a place where I feel safe and I have family everywhere.

What country/place surprised you most? Why?

Qatar was the country that surprised me the most. I heard stories of how conservative/ strict they are and there was nothing to do. But when I went it was very different. Yes, you have watch what you wear, though I had an amazing time there. There were lots to do, people were friendly and there was a huge expat community ready to make connections.

What place made you speechless?

Thailand. While we were in Bangkok we traveled to an island close by and it was just breathtaking. The water, people, and sites were a lot to take in and I was loving every minute.

What is your favorite food you tried on your travels? 

My favorite food is from my home country when I go visit. I love Jollof Rice, if you ever travel to The Gambia, you have to try it.

Was there any travel experience that you consider transformative for you?

Yes, when I lived in Qatar for a year. It helped me grow in so many different ways. It’s hard for me to make friends because I’m an introvert, but being away from home made me come out my shell. I had to push myself to make friends.

Do you travel alone or with other people? 

I have yet to Solo travel but it is on my bucket list. I always travel with my best friend or with my sister.

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