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Pardon My French Tour | @ Echostage Washington, DC

The first time I got the pleasure of watching DJ Snake perform at Ultra was completely ruined. We got stuck on the side of the stage with no view of DJ Snake, tree branches were all in the way, and my legs were dying! Complete fail.

Once I got back to the DMV and read that he was coming in April, I quickly bought my ticket.


Watching him perform at Echostage was WAY better than my experience at Ultra. We got the full rager experience – front and center.

Here’s the breakdown of each performer:




Seriously, WHO IS MALAA?? This guy is too chill that it makes his vibe so cool. He doesn’t even move, just bobs his head to the beat. His music reminded me of more deep house than the other DJs on this tour, but I still enjoyed it. (I’m not big on house or trance music). I was slightly creeped out every time he’d look my way – let’s be honest, those eyes peaking through the mask is a little freaky!

I would definitely catch his show again, with or without anyone else playing. 



This was my first time watching his set. I didn’t know what to expect. From the looks of it, he’s the only one out of the group that doesn’t have a signature look. But don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. Snake ended up making an appearance, snapchatting the crowd and being mercer’s hype man.



Tchami is my new DJ bae. I remembered catching the last 20 minutes of his set at Ultra and wished I would’ve seen it all. I can see him going BIG really soon. Love his creativity and set – not once did I stop dancing. My favorite song is “freakin” and “missing you”. (listening to his Ultra set as we speak!)

DJ Snake


After waiting 5 minutes for them to change the stage setting, DJ snake opened up with a BANG, playing one of his popular songs “propaganda”. The graphics and stage set up was by far the best I’ve seen. The lights in the poles moved to the beat while DJ Snake was in the center of it all, spinning around with his dance moves. 



Sigh… DJ Snake made my heart flutter. Not only did he take my phone and took a couple selfies with me but he just seemed like a genuinely good person – definitely looks out for his fans. He had a mini meet and greet after his set was over even though he had to catch a flight in 45 minutes. 

He has this type of vibe that’s like “yeaaa *sunglasses emoji*, I’m the sh*t…but not in a cocky way…in a cool way” lol. I love the extra touch to the picture, “shhhh”. 



After watching his Ultra performance of “Middle” on his Instagram (@DJSnake), I was so hyped to see it live. That video gives me life! He ended his set playing it and the crowd went willlllld. Blue, White, and Red confetti flew in the air while blue, white, and red strobe lights shined on the crowd. Epic performance! 

Overall, it was a dope show. Everyone surprised me. Malaa being too cool for school, Mercer throwing down some fire hits, Tchami bringing new sh*t to the table, and DJ Snake being DJ Snake 😉


Thank you for an AH-Mazing show!




Until next time Echostage…


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