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New Orleans Myths vs. Reality

Is New Orleans really all about good food and spiritual curses?


Walking through the French Quarter for the first time last month had me questioning the stories that have been told. Whether you can truly see Marie Laveau’s spirit when you visit her tomb, witnessing some wild stuff at night, or experiencing one of, if not, the best food you’ve ever had.


myths vs. reality – New Orleans

It smells like dead bodyFALSE

  • The most I smelled was fried chicken and spices.

You can feel spirits walking through the French QuarterFALSE

  • You know what I felt? I felt my feet hurting from walking 11k miles a day.

Best food you’ll ever haveTRUE

  • But I wouldn’t say it’s better than my mom’s cooking.

New Orleans is filthyTRUE

  • However, it is not as bad as I thought. From how the French Quarter looked like leaving at 4am to when we toured the place during the day was surprisingly not that bad. Still be careful stepping in suspicious looking water.

Music is constantly being playedTRUE

  • Every 2 blocks we’d either find a bar blasting music or a few locals playing and singing in the streets.

Every ghost and voodoo story is true FALSE

  • While some stories may start out true, most were altered and distorted to make the imagination of tourist wander.

At the end of the day, I won’t let what I’ve “heard”  or someone else’s opinion about a place stop me from visiting the world and experiencing different cultures. I have love and respect for Nola and can’t wait to visit again. 


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