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How to Prepare for a new Festival?

Moonrise Festival is finally here!! We’re heading to the Pimloco Race Course for the 2 day festival in Baltimore, Maryland tomorrow morning. As first time goers, we’re looking forward to seeing what Moonrise has in stores.

See how we prepare when attending a new festival ??

What to pack

We have a couple packing options when attending festivals. Whether you want a fanny pack or a small, single compartment backpack, we’ve got just the thing.


How to pick your rave clothes 

DIY should always be your first option. You most likely have an old, hardly worn clothing item in your closet that you can turn into something dope.


I bought my “I ❤️ DC” shirt for $10 at one of those DC vendor stands. I got home, went on YouTube, and BOOM! swag complete. It’s easier than you think and should only take you 10-15 minutes.

You can learn how I studded my shorts by checking out my festival DIY post.


Make sure you have your ticket handy and always read the details of what is needed to enter the venue.

Ticket AND wristbands are needed to enter Moonrise Festivals for both VIP and general admission ravers. Check out the pick up dates and times on the festivals website. We, unfortunately, have to wait until the morning of to pick up our wristbands but try to take advantage of the earlier pick up dates.

Review prohibited items 

How to Prepare for a new Festival
Different festival, different rules. Attending a new festival can be tricky when it comes to prohibited items. Some don’t care, while others strongly enforce their rules.

Don’t see your item on the list? You can always email the venue and festival to double check if they will allow it.

Know where you are & where you’re going

How to Prepare for a new Festival

If you’re into festivals then you know they always somehow put all your favorite artist’s set at the same time. Go figure! So to have better time management, know where you want to be and at what time. Arrive early to scope out the venue and note how long it takes to get from point A to point B.

Write down your schedule in the notes app on your phone and designate a meet up spot for those who want to see different sets.

Once the set time are up, it’s time to plan…

Pick your must see sets

How to Prepare for a new Festival

Knowing which sets you can’t miss and where they are located is a must! Most likely the times will clash but save time by writing them down and even setting an alarm.

We’re excited about our choices but it is sad to say that we actually have to run after seeing Marshmello in order to catch The Chainsmokers. You think it’s funny but try running, or even walking, after raving for hours.

Enter to WIN!

How to Prepare for a new Festival

Because what else to do have to do in the next 5-10 minutes? There’s a 92.5% chance that you won’t win but the other 7.5% is looking pretty good if you ask me. What’s there to lose?

Tips to stay up to date:

  • Follow the festival on social media
  • Subscribe to the festivals email alerts
  • Designate a meet up spot

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