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My Fears of Traveling

Hodophobia: the irrational and intense fear of travel. It is a personalized phobia – some people may fear going a certain distance away from their house, while others may fear certain types of transportation. 

Traveling has been a dream of mine since I was young. I’ve always wanted to escape the world and reality I lived in. Whether it was because I was (and still am) an introvert and would always shut people out, needed excitement and change, or wanted to see how long I could last in a place I am unfamiliar with. 

Why I am afraid to Travel?

So many questions and concerns run through my head. Will I fail? Will I run back home? Will something happen to me 100,000 miles away where no one knows who I am and how to notify my loved ones?

These are my fears of traveling.

Fear of… falling in love and wanting to move to the place I am visiting knowing my mom wouldn’t be able to visit (she’s afraid of flying).

Fear of… finding the man of my dreams but he has zero interest in traveling.

Fear of… finally doing a big solo trip and I get my ass lost. Especially in non-English speaking countries, I would hate to look like an idiot by being unsuccessful trying to speak their language.  

Fear of… doing something unlawful that I wasn’t aware of and getting locked up. Because we all know how that’ll end up. 

Fear of… not liking and/or having a bad experience in a place I’ve had on the top of my bucket list for yearsss. 

Fear of… having anxiety and doubt that maybe, just maybe, traveling isn’t for me.

Fear of… getting robbed or being too friendly/open to strangers that are “trying to help” but end up in unforeseen circumstances.

Fear of… unknown fears that’ll keep me from a once in a lifetime experience. 

Fear of… dying. 

Fear of… running out of money and having to leave. 

Fear of… simply, the unknown. 

Let fear be your motivation, not your downfall. 

My Fears of Traveling

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