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Must- Have Items in Your Carry-on Purse

Are you looking through that packing checklist you downloaded online trying to figure out what you forgot? If so, this could be helpful to you! The more trips I take the more I realize there are items I never seem to pack, but always think about when I’m already at the airport. I  know I can’t be the only person that has this problem, so I’m going to breakdown what carryon items I tend to not pack but always think I should have.

8 Must- Have Carry-on Items You Never Thought to Pack

Here are the 8 items you never thought to pack in your carryon, but you should.

Night cream – Does your face ever feel dry or lifeless after a flight? That’s because it’s not getting the right moisture. I prefer to use night cream before my flight, because it has all the necessary vitamins and rich moisture to keep your face from drying up.

Face wipes – Depending if you’re sleeping or not your face tends to look unappealing after sitting on a flight for a long period. If I don’t have time to clean my face in the small airplane toilets, I can use the wipes to clean my face.

All -In- one Travel plug – If you’re going to a short trip overseas, I recommend you always carry this with you.

Portable charger – Some local flights have plugs for you to charge your phone, but there is always those few occasions where the plug doesn’t work. Or if you have a long layover and all the charger ports are occupied, this will come in handy.

Passport (domestic flights) – A lot of people think since they’re traveling to another state that they don’t need their passports. While that is true, I do encourage to also take your passport for safety reasons. What if you go out and lose your ID, or someone takes your wallet. How are you suppose to get home? All these questions come into my head so I bring along my passport so I don’t have a panic attack when this happens.

Gum – I use it on the plane for my ears -Random but effective. During takeoff and landing my ears always seem to get blocked because of the pressure coming from the plane. The one thing that has helped was chewing gum during those times – if yawning doesn’t help. Plus you don’t want to be sitting there talking to people with bad breath.

Airplane Socks – This is an easy way to stay comfy even though you’re in economy. The socks also help with blood circulation so it doesn’t feel like your leg is asleep towards the end of the flight.

Empty Water bottle – I never get the free soda or juice they pass around on a flight, just because using the airplane toilet is a hassle…Can you blame me? So instead of saying no, either because you don’t want to use the bathroom or you just don’t feel like having your tray down. Just fill up your water bottle with it so you have something to drink after the flight.


Have any other CarryOn items you think comes in handy when heading to your destination? Let us know!

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