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Keep Calm and “Carry-On”: How to Pack Light for a Festival

We all overpack. Even some of our carry-ons shouldn’t be carry-ons. Yes, you! We see you trying to rush your way past the ticket gate to avoid getting that bright green tag that says, “You know damn well this isn’t going to fit in the overhead bin!”

Carry-on Packing GuideBut what if we go out an extra night? What if I don’t like what I packed? I need a different shoe per day!!!

Breatheee! Woosaaa! Grab a drink and relax! Because I just made your trip planning easier. 😉

Here’s a helpful checklist of items I wish someone told me about before bringing my entire closet to a weekend festival trip:

____ Flat/Curling Iron: Unless you choose one of our protective hairstyles options.

____ Pony tail

____ Sunscreen

____ Makeup: Bake and highlight ladies!

____ Toiletry Items: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, comb, soap, washcloth, etc.

____ Plastic Bag/Ziploc: Can be used as a laundry bag, toiletry bag, or to protect your phone.

____ Snacks: Save time and money by buying cheap snacks before your travel. Busy area = higher prices.

____ Bathing Suit: Because there is always a pool party somewhere. It also makes for a great top when it gets too hot.

____ Shoes: One during the day, one at night. Bring something that is comfortable and goes with everything.

____ 3+ Pairs of Clothes: Don’t be afraid to wear the same pants for a second time. Bring an extra shirt or two to switch up the style. Also, save space by wearing the same outfit on both flights.

____ Sweater/Light Jacket: For when all the economy blankets are taken or for a nighttime stroll.

____ 3+ Pairs of undergarments.

____ 3+ Pairs of socks.

____ Nightwear: Long sleeve shirt? Onesie? Nothing?

Carry-on Packing Guide

____ Fanny Pack/Day Bag:

  • ____ Chapstick – preferably with SPF.
  • ____ Feminine wipes – keep the kitty fresh.
  • ____ Portable phone charger – for all those snapchats and ignored texts.
  • ____ Poncho – for those “psh, it’s not going to rain” days.
  • ____ Ticket/ID/Credit Card – you deserve a facepalm if you forget any of these 3 items.
  • ____ Gum – for minty make out sessions with your festival bae.
  • ____ SQUADDD! – Don’t get lost, download “Find Friends” app or wear something identical/easy to spot in a large crowd. (we have matching glow in the dark fanny packs)

Carry-on Packing Guide

Don’t leave anything behind. Click here to read our must-have festival items!


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