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Is Indoor Skydiving Worth it?

I was once skeptical about whether indoor skydiving was worth it or not. Whether it truly resembled the real deal… minus the view. So the question is, is indoor skydiving worth it?

Is Indoor Skydiving Worth it?


Not only did it get rid of the insignificant amount of fear I had but it prepared me for that initial drop to your death feeling. Now of course looking down at a vent is entirely different than looking down 13,000 feet of potentially the end of your life. But honestly, if indoor skydiving doesn’t motivate you to do the real thing, we have bigger issues to discuss. Don’t let fear be an option!

Reasons why you should try indoor skydiving:

  • It’s safe!
  • It’s fun!
  • If an 8 year old kid can do it, so can you!
  • It prepares you for the inevitable drop.
  • You can show off your experience to friends and family with a video link and photos.
  • Watching the professionals do their stunts at the end is UNbelievable.
  • Learn a new skill and check it off your bucket list.

My experience at iFly Washington, DC (really Loudon county) was by far the best customer service I’ve ever encountered. Even though we were 10-15 minutes behind schedule, the instructor(s) managed to keep everyone entertained, calm, and ready to fly. My advice, choose the “Spread Your Wings for Two” package for a more memorable experience. 2 flights per person, personalized certificate to replace your high school diploma, and video clips.

Is Indoor Skydiving Worth it?Is Indoor Skydiving Worth it?

Watch my first indoor skydiving experience here. I basically kicked the instructor in the face – YIKES!

Who’s ready to skydive?

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