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Haitian Food and Drinks

What comes to mind when you think of the Caribbean? The warm sun, beautiful beaches, and, of course, the good food. Haitian food is like no other. It’s enriched with a mix of flavor, spicy, and uniqueness. Here are a few Haitian Food and Drinks that I enjoyed during my week trip to Haiti.


Diri ak Sòs Pwa (rice with beans)

Haitian Food and Drinks

Griyo ak Bannann Peze (fried pork with fried plantains)

Ze ak Yam (eggs with yam)

Akra (pureed and fried malanga)

Aranso ak Yam Jeune (red herring and yam)

Poisson Gros Sel (salty fish)

Soup Joumou (pumpkin/squash soup)

Poulet Boucané ak Bannann Peze (smoked chicken with fried plantains)

Pikliz (spicy cabbage mix)


Cola Champagne

Barbancourt (Haitian rum)

Prestige Beer

Haitian Coffee


Water (safest water to drink in Haiti)

There are plenty of recipes online if there are no Haitian restaurants/friends around you. Be creative and try something new.

What’s your favorite dish from around the world? Let us know in the comments!

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