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Five Reasons Why You Should Travel

From living in America for 12 years, I’ve never understood why people didn’t want to venture out and explore other countries. Growing up with a father that flew to different countries for a living, I was determined to do the same.

Yes, some people have a fear of flying or going somewhere. Some people don’t have the money to travel but there are some that don’t want to just because of what they see on TV.

Some just don’t care to leave their comfort zone because they don’t think it would be worth it. Though if you have the means to travel and experience a new life away from home….why would you give that up?

Five Reasons Why You Should Travel

I’m not here to say travel is glamorous, you may not be staying at 5-star hotels and attending crazy parties. Though you can do that at home, to travel is to live like the locals. The reasons are to understand their culture and their struggles, to connect with them and to also bring a new view to their lives.

Here are the five Reasons Why You should travel:

To Connect with new people

I love to stay at hostels since most solo travelers and young people stay there. The hostels usually have happy hours, game night and much more which gives you the chance to connect with other travelers. I have met a lot of travelers while staying at a hostel and stillkeepin touch with some. 

I love connecting with locals and other travelers as they always provide the best tips and advice about the country. You also get to make new friends, experiences and truly see a different side of the country, not just the touristy areas. 

To Meet yourself

I don’t think I’ve learned so much about myself until I moved to live in Qatar for a year. You learn the good, the bad and the ugly. You find out what you can’t and can handle, what people you should give your time to and the ones you need to let go of. I had never been this happy in my life…I found me

To challenge yourself

Everyone gets comfortable living in one place or with family and friends, that they never travel or live anywhere else. Traveling makes people more independent and challenges you socially and intellectually. I’ve always been an introvert so traveling to new places and making friends was the hardest thing. But a year of being in Qatar and pushing my limits, I can say I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Will Smith said it best: The best things in life are on the other side of your maximum fear. Meaning when you leap past your fears you realize that you’re the one standing between you and the best life you can live.

To not let the Media mislead you

As you’ve heard of the saying “Ignorance is bliss”. And I do say this in the nicest way. The most common thing People have asked me when I say I’m from West Africa is “what language do you speak? African? Or “Wow do you have buildings over there” like REALLY! Africa as a continent has developed so much over time.

When I visit Ghana, they have houses bigger than the ones you see in America or anywhere. You wouldn’t really know this until you experience this yourself. Don’t let the ignorance guide you in the wrong way. Education is key.

Social Media has done a great job of showing people the beauty in many countries and not what you just see on the news. Though, the experience is better than just seeing the pictures and living your life through someone else.

To Have Fun

Life is too short to work day in and day out without any break. The U.S. doesn’t provide as much vacation time as other countries, but it’s still time for you to get away and enjoy yourself. When someone close to you passes, you tend to appreciate life and not let it just pass by. I’ve decided to finally quit my job in January and travel around Asia with Remote Year, I might not last a whole year…who knows but I know I’m finally doing something for me. 

You don’t have to go to that extent, but live the life you dream of or at least try.

So what is stopping you? Click here to check out our bucketlist!

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