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Finger Lickin’ Good: Paris, France

Europe is known to have a very exquisite taste when it comes to their cuisine. While in Paris, I took the chance at trying something new. Let’s just say that this particular animal organ wasn’t so finger lickin’ good.

I won’t get into too much detail for those who are squeamish, but the thought itself will make you… gag. Think of it as a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never get back home. Step outside of the sweet and savory pastries and test your taste buds. 

** All prices are listed in Euro (€) 

Bistrot De la tour
21 Avenue de la Bourdonnais – 75007 Paris 

Located just a short walk from the Eiffel Tower, Bistrot de la Tour is one of the perfect restaurants to eat while visiting Paris. Sip some of the finest glasses of wine while embracing the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. Great service, delicious meals, and very convenient. 

What’s on our menu:

Soupe Gratinée à l’Oignon – €9

Gratinated Onion Soup

Boeuf Bourguignon + 1 verre de Bordeaux AOC – €15
Beef Bourguignon + 1 Glass of Wine of Bordeaux AOC

Crêpe au Nutella– €5
Crepe with Nutella and vanilla ice cream

Dig In?

ABSOLUTELY! Who turns down exceptional food and a (somewhat) worthy view of the Eiffel Tower?

The Boeuf Bourguignon was ah-mazingly delicious and highly recommended. It’s basically a beef stew with carrots, potatoes, and mouthwatering flavors. It was the perfect dish to warm us up during our first breezy evening in Paris. The Onion Soup was by far the best that I’ve had. I don’t typically crave onion soup here at home but knew it would be tasteful in Paris. I am not a big fan of putting bread in my soup, however, the pieces of baguette wasn’t too bad. The Crêpe au Nutella was the perfect compliment to end a good meal. Very delicious!

Porpart Piquot
115 Boulevard de Grenelle 75015 Paris| poupart-piquot.proxecom.fr

Porpart Piquot is the precise French bakery you see in many movies and shows. They offer both sweet and savory pasties from breakfast, lunch, and dessert with a perfect outdoor seating. It was conveniently located across the street from our hotel so we grabbed a bite to eat, hopped on the train (between the hotel and bakery) and started our adventures.  

“Pastry and love are the same: a question of freshness and all the ingredients, even the most bitter, turn to delight.” – Christian Bobin

What’s on our menu:

Quiche – €2.75

Ham and egg quiche 

Croissant au Poires Chocolate Amande  – €1.40
Chocolate croissant with almond 

Coffee – €1.20 (takeaway cup)

Dig In?

YES – Great location and perfect spot for a quick bite. 

The Quiche was a delicious ham and egg combination that filled me enough to start my day. I do, however, prefer the smaller quiche because I enjoy the toasty edges more than the squishy egg texture on the inside. The Croissant au Poires Chocolate Amande is my typically dessert/pastry choice. Toasted buttery flavor on the outside,  warm sweet chocolate on the inside. If a cup of Coffee tastes good without sugar, you’re in for a treat. It went perfectly with the croissant. 

La Villa des Abbesses
61 Rue Des Abbesses – 75018 Paris | lavilladesabbesses.fr/en

Located on the Butte de Montmartre, the Villa des Abbesses is a place where you can enjoy a nice and let yourself be carried away by its warm atmosphere. During cool weather, the Villa offers a nice terrace with blankets and heaters.

What’s on our menu:

Gratinée à L’Onion– €8.90

Traditional gratinated French onion soup 

Terrine de Foie Gras, Chutney d’Oignons, Toast – €14.90
Foie gras terrine, onion chutney, toast

Large Bottle of Water – €6.30 (YIKES, I know)

Dig In?

NO! At least not the dishes I had. A local even suggested trying the Foie Gras somewhere else. 

The Onion Soup was like the McDonald’s dollar menu version of the one I had at Bistrot de la Tour – very simple, bland, and looked like they just threw a bunch of onion into a bowl of broth. Now, who knows what Foie Gras is (leave a comment before continuing)? The Terrine de Foie Gras was, hmm how should I say this, c’était mystérieux and très intéressant. Frankly, it looked like an elegant piece of chocolate candy with nuts inside. I was hesitant to ask the waiter exactly what those chunks were. Instant gag reflect. Honestly, it didn’t really have a taste to it. The knowledge of what it was made me not want to eat it more than the actual taste. If I wasn’t on the verge of passing out, I may have reconsidered nodding my head “yes” to order. 

Foie Gras = Duck or goose liver.

Food Court in Galeries lafayette
40 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France

The Galeries Lafayette reminds me of an old historic building that has been remodeled into something amazing. The architecture and design of this mall is so fascinating. From the sparkly gold dome to the amazing cozy rooftop, it is the ultimate shopping and dining experience. Added touch: They have two rooftop restaurants with a beautiful view overlooking the city of Paris (with a site of the Eiffel Tower).


What’s on our menu:

Saumon Grille – €14.50
Grilled salmon with your choice of sides


Dig In?

YES! Best food court meal I’ve ever tasted. The food court is located on the 6th floor. There are other options throughout the mall (e.i. Starbucks on the 3rd floor and McDonald’s on the 4th floor).

The Grilled Salmon was cooked to perfection. The grilled taste enhanced the savory flavors mixed with the green beans.

98, boulevard de Grenelle 75015 Paris France

Les Artistes specializes in delicious traditional Italian cuisine. Their dishes range from a vast varity of pizzas, homemade fresh pastas, meats and more. The restaurant also goes by “Pizza les Artistes”. Relaxed atmosphere with exceptional service. 

What’s on our menu:

Lasagna Bolognaise – €13
Gratineed lasagna with white sauce

“Tropic” Cocktail – €7
Rhum, jus de fruits, grenadine – Rum, fruit juice, grenadine

Dig In?


The Lasagna Bolognaise was the exact blend I was craving. Perfectly spiced and seasoned with their authentic sauce, this dish definitely beats American’s traditional lasagna any day. It was the perfect portion for one person, unless you plan on splitting two dishes. The Tropic Cocktail was delicious. Great blend of sweet fruit juice and alcohol. Be sure to mix it to get all it’s flavors.

I’d say I did pretty well with balancing the adventure and food experiences in 30 hours.

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