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Finger Lickin’ Good: Ibiza, Spain

Let’s face it, we may have gotten a little too carried away on the partying in Ibiza and forgot that food and water (not tequila shots) was our fuel to staying alert. We did, however, come across a couple finger lickin’ good spots that were just a few blocks away. 

** All prices are listed in Euro (€) 

07817, Balearic Islands, Spain | apartmentsborabora.com

Xoyo Ibiza is located in the heart of Playa d’ Bossa where you can witness the best sports and music events accompanied by good food and the best cocktails. 

What’s on our menu:

Chicken Wings – €5

Bravas Potatoes (spicy) – €4.20

Mojito – €5.90  

Dig in?

YES – Although we were only there for a quick bite, it seemed like the perfect hang out spot for food and drinks. 

The Chicken Wings were delicious. Crispy outside, juicy inside. I’ve had better Bravas Potatoes literally down the street from my house. There was some authentic flavor missing. Strong and good mix of flavors is exactly what I look for in my Mojito. Very delicious from the first sip. Second best Mojito I’ve had – Very refreshing.


BOSSA MAR Cafeteria

Perfect spot for breakfast or brunch, Bossa Mar Cafeteria had the best authentic and homemade meals. The cafe is ran under the same company as XOYO, Apartments Bora Bora. 

What’s on our menu:

Bossa Mar Triple  – €5.50
Ham, cheese, bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato, and onion sandwich 

English Breakfast – €5.50
Bacon with fried eggs, toast, beans, and sausages

Cafe Con Baileys Y Nata (Coffee with Baileys) –  €6.00 

Dig In?

YES – Afforable and delicious breakfast. 

The Bossa Mar Triple was a delicious homemade style bacon and egg sandwich. It had a warm buttery flavor from the toast mixed with salted bacon and eggs. The English Breakfast was, in Tasha’s words, “bomb”. The Coffee with Baileys drink was VERY strong, even after adding milk. Only meant for true coffee lovers, however, it was still a great pick me up.


Restaurante Soleado
Passeig de ses Pitiüses, s/n, 07800 Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain | soleadoibiza.com

Locate in the heart of the district of Figueretas, Soleado has a warm and convivial environment that will bring you relaxation and change of scene. The terrace beside the shore brings romance and quietness as well as an unobstructed view upon the island of Formentera.

What’s on our menu:

Mojito – €7

Dig in?

YES – It was the perfect spot to run into on our way to the castle. The Mojito was delicious but could’ve been spiked a little more. You always want that good balance of mint, juice, and alcohol. Side note: They do have food! and the red drinks are sangria. 


La Taberna del Parque

Plaza del Parque, 5, 07800 Ibiza, Islas Baleares, Spain

What on our menu:

Water – €2.50

Fried Chicken Wings – €7.50

Bravas Potatoes with Two Sauces –  €7.50

Dig in?

YES – By far the best spot in Ibiza. Not only was the atmosphere exactly our taste but the food was amazing. So amazing that we ordered a second round of Bravas Potatoes even though we were close to being full. One of, if not, the best potatoes I’ve had. The seasoning on those Fried Chicken Wings were crack. I was addicted the minute they hit my taste buds. This area is meant for good food, drinks, and overall vibes. 

*When asked if you want water, most places bring out a small (or large) bottle of water in which you have to pay for. I’m not sure if it’s because the water isn’t safe to drink but be mindful when ordering anything.

Los Rosales
Carrer Fray Luis de León, 5, 07800 Ibiza, Las Palmas, Spain

Perfect spot for meat lovers, Los Rosales is an all you can eat BBQ pool side bar and restaurant. It’s where Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines meet.

What’s on our menu:

All You Can Eat Deal – €10.90/person 
Aioli (bread with Garlic and mayo dipping), green salad, baked potato, and meat choices include pork, sausage, chicken, and steak. 

Dig in?

MAYBE – Still on the fence about this restaurant. It was recommend from a local we met earlier in the day. The meat wasn’t cooked thoroughly, especially the chicken which is crucial. Ask if they could cook it longer to prevent from getting ill. The best part was the bread and spread.


Surf lounge Ibiza (San Antonio bay) 
357 N Great Neck Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23454 | http://m.citrusvb.com

Perfect spot for breakfast or brunch, Citrus is a great place to eat before hitting the shore. 

What’s on our menu:

Surf Nachos – €12
Cheese, guacamole, minced chicken

Spicy Bravas – €5
Allioli and siracha

Dig in?

YES – Great, cozy location to have fun or relax. 

The Surf Nachos were basic/traditional but still tasty. The Spicy Bravas were, again, not as great as I’ve had before. This was more of a surf and chill spot with food, rather than a set restaurant.


Punto Gelato

Punto Gelato isn’t just about gelato. This cute little restaurant offers a variety of small meals from flavored crepes, smoothies, baked goods, and some healthier options. Perfect spot for a quick bite located near Swag Nightclub. 

What’s on our menu:

Croissant with Ham and Cheese (Croissant Jamon y Queso) €2.50 

Dig in?

YES – Wish we found this little gem sooner. Perfect breakfast sandwich that hit the spot. Add another small side and you’ve got yourself a full meal.

So many restaurants, so little time.

Let us know which restaurants to check out next. I see another ibiza trip in the near future.

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