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Fanny Pack vs. Backpack – Which do you prefer?

As festival season vastly approaches, I find myself stuck between carrying a fanny pack or a small backpack. While I enjoy not having something weighing on my back, I feel as though my fanny pack takes away from my outfit. Even if you slide it to the back, you still have that awkward looking belt across your hips. So I have one question…

Fanny Pack vs. Small Backpack – Which do you prefer?

Fanny Pack vs. Backpack - Which do you prefer?

Here’s a list of my pros and cons for both a fanny pack and small backpack:

Fanny Pack Pros

» Small and compact for those only carrying a small amount
» Cute accessory – they come in different styles, colors, sizes.
» Get through security faster
» Easier to quickly find your items.
» You don’t have to worry about taking it off

Fanny Pack Cons

» Covers the good part(s) of your outfit (if you know what I mean 😏)
» Some look out of place/bulky
» The string gets in the way so you end up tucking it somewhere
» Can’t enjoy a good twerk
» You can never get it tight enough to stop smacking you

Small Backpack Pros

» Store things you purchase at the event (merch, water, food that you want to save for the next set…)
» Easier to twerk with
» Makes a good headrest/pillow
» Don’t have to worry about overstuffing a fanny pack. You never know when you’ll need extra space
» Never leave anything behind and don’t have to purchase overpriced items at the festival

Small Backpack Cons

» “Oh Mel is bringing a backpack, let’s just throw our shit in there” Absolutely NOT!
» Shoulder strains
» Festival clear bag policy (ugh!)
» Size limit
» May make you even hotter/your back sweaty
» Backpack tan lines
» Waste time taking it off and rummaging trying to find those small items

Comment below what you use to carry your items at a festival and why. Boobs are not included ladies!

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