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The Beginner’s Guide to Ultra Music Festival

Ultra Music Festival is an annual outdoor electronic music festival that takes place in March in the city of Miami, Florida. The festival brings together popular artists like Diplo, Tiesto, Carnage, DJ snake, Skrillex and more. Ultra is held in Downtown Miami at Bayfront Park. It is a three-day festival that brings over 100,000 EDM lovers from around the world. The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music Festival

Take a look at our beginner’s guide to Ultra Music Festival, this was our first experience into the festival and we would like to share tips that will help you get a better experience.

The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music Festival Ultra Ticket

Our Tickets came in the mail a week before the festival. It was a black cylinder tube and inside it included the ultra ticket, ear plugs, glasses and an ultra multi-use scarf. Be sure to pack your ticket right away! You will use this to access Ultra for all the 3 days so you don’t want to lose it.




The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalLocation

Finding a hotel close to the event is a must. We managed to get one which was about 15-20 minutes walk to Bayfront Park. Going to any festival with that many people, you already know the traffic is going to be CRAZY.




The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalDownload the Ultra 2016 App

Downloading the app is a great way to find the lineup, times and stages. You will be able to see the lineup, map of Ultra, news, points of interests and even plan out your schedule. Trying to locate your friends? No worries, it has that too. Everything you need to know about Ultra is provided on the app.


The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalFood and Drinks

With all that beer and liquor in your stomach, you are bound to get hungry. Since outside food and beverages are prohibited on festival grounds, you’ll end up having to buy something there. Keep in mind that it is cash only! They do provide ATMs for your conscience but I’m sure the charging fee is steep.

There had a variety of options from pizza, tacos, empanadas, ice pops (which were delicious!), and more.

For those who plan to be tipsy or drunk during the show, I would suggest drinking beforehand. To top off the high prices, the drinks weren’t even strong! Waste of money.

Heineken Beer was $8, Vodka Tequila or Rum Cocktails $12, Whiskey Cocktails were $13, bottled water $5, red bull $5, and non-alcoholic fruit drinks $10.

The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalUltra Shop

They had an Ultra shop right near the Main stage if you wanted to purchase anything from Ultra cap, shirt, panties, sunglasses, and other accessories to accommodate the event. The prices ranged from $35 and up.




The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalSafety Tips

Festivals are always a great place to get wasted and just escape all your worries. Now I don’t want to be the one to tell you not to get drunk and have fun, but make sure you are aware of your surroundings. Having a visual of where your friends are is key, for your sake and theirs. Don’t depend on security or police to look out for you, keeping yourself safe should be your first priority.



The Beginner's Guide to Ultra Music FestivalAre You Prepared?

Your legs will hurt regardless of what shoes you wear. However, we still recommend picking the right pair. We wore black vans with thin socks which lasted pretty good.

Restroom situation – one word, DISGUSTING. There were not enough porta potties to accommodate the 170,000 attendees, so, of course, there is going to be no toilet paper by the time you need to use the restroom. Make sure to carry some napkins or toilet wipes to clean yourself up.


Check out our three-day Ultra Music Festival experience! Also, feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions we love to hear from you!

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