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How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Priority number one in attending a festival is making sure your outfit is on POINT! Sure, drinking plenty of water and safety is also important but, if I’m going to be that girl passed out under a tree, I want to do it looking cute.

Explore your creativity and turn an ordinary outfit into EXTRAordinary with a dash of dazzle.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

“But Mel, I’m broke after spending so much on this trip.” Don’t worry, I got us (DJ Khaled voice). Budget spending is my middle name. I got you covered on how to bedazzle your outfit without spending too much money and time.

Following these easy steps will turn you into the ultimate rave babe.

What You’ll Need:

  1. Fabric Glue or, my preference, E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive $4
  2. Gems. I bought the 7.6 oz Acrylic Gems in silver for $10
  3. Outfit
  4. Blanket or plastic bag
  5. Cardboard

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Step 1

Lay out a blanket or plastic bag to put your item on. Place a piece of cardboard inside your item to prevent both sides from sticking together.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Step 2

Pour out enough gems that you’ll need for one side (or both). My hands got sticky from the glue after a while which made grabbing single gems frustrating. Glue ended up getting on the wrong side.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Step 3

Put a small dab of glue in a circular motion on the flat side of the gem. This prevents the glue from getting extremely stringy. Also, putting too much may create a glue ring around the gem after placing it on your item.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Step 4

Slightly push down when placing the gem on your item and hold for a few seconds to secure it in place.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Gently lift the area that was just glued from the cardboard and blow/fan on it so that it doesn’t completely stick to the cardboard.

Step 5

Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach your desirable design. Have fun with it by placing the gems in a unique pattern. My pattern is called “hide the goodies but leave space for imagination” HAHA.

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

Jamming to The Chainsmokers’ 2016 Ultra set 🔥

How to Bedazzle a Festival OutfitHow to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit


» Complete this project outdoors or in a room that isn’t frequently being used. The glue has a strong, lingering smell. 

» Place cardboard inside the item you are designing to avoid the front and back getting stuck together. 

» Set aside 1 hour to complete. Time depends on space/item size. 

» Either close the glue after each use or place it on a napkin – It oozes out quickly if you squeeze too much.How to Bedazzle a Festival Outfit

» Let it dry 24h before wearing 

» Don’t over glue it. A little goes a long way. 

» Have fun and be creative!

Do you KNOW any Travel/festival DYI projects you would like us to try? Leave us a comment and we’ll shout you out!

Follow us on Snapchat for BTS footage of Ultra this weekend. Come say hi if you see us. 

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