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30 Hours in Paris

How much can one really do with only 30 hours in Paris?

PLENTY! My sister and I woke up bright and early, hopped on the metro with a pastry in hand, and started our adventures. We were destined to view as much with so little, both time and money. We started our morning at Arc the Triomphe and ended the night with a romantic view of the Eiffel Tower. Making a few important stops along the way.

With food included, I spent roughly €55 with only 30 hours in Paris.

(Granted, I didn’t count the 8 hours of much needed sleep and hustling to the airport, but you get the gist.)


30 Hours in Paris

Take a look below

Tour Eiffel 


Absolutely breathtaking. Seeing the sparkling of the lights in person made me feel so blissful. I can see why Paris is the perfect place to fall in love. The Eiffel Tower was still worth the visit even though we didn’t have enough time to make it to the top. The first site of the sparkling lights began at 9PM and goes on and off until roughly 1AM. 

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

There are considered 4 floors to the Eiffel Tower: The ground level, 1st floor, 2nd floor, and the top. They have everything from souvenir shops, buffets, transparency floors that offers a spectacular view of the void from the 1st floor, a cultural/history path, the famous 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant, and more. 

58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant – In the evening, the restaurant transforms into an elegant, yet informal, restaurant. €99 is the starting price for this unforgettable experience. That is roughly $117/person for a full French course meal looking over beautiful Paris. If you ask me, I’m good with my $15 meal on the ground.


30 Hours in Paris

With its circular view over Paris, the 2nd floor offers another souvenir boutique, buffet, and an opportunity to wine and dine at Jules Verne Restaurant. Finally, at the top, enjoy a uniquely and memorable moment at the champagne bar, explore Gustave Eiffel’s office, or measure yourself to the tower with a height gauge.

The most popular place to take photos of the Eiffel Tower is from the Jardin du Trocadero side of the tower. With more time, try adventuring on top of a building for a more daring view.


30 Hours in Paris

Arc de Triomphe 


Recently, I watched the legend DJ Snake perform an Instagram Live set on top of Arc de Triomphe and thought it was the most epic thing I’ve ever seen. Come to find out, everyone has access to the top (face palm). Still pretty legendary!

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

Arc de Triomphe offers a unique point of view from the top of the panoramic terrace. The view embraces all Paris, giving you a wonderful look at the beautiful skyline.

 Price:30 Hours in Paris

Musée du Louvre


Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to visit the inside of the museum itself, however, the architecture and overall design of the Louvre (and surrounding area) was unbelievable. It finally hit me that I was in a foreign country as I was walking through the Gardens of the Carrousel.

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

The museum offers guided tours, workshops, activities, and popular visiting tracks. Visit the website for more information about the exhibitions and palaces. My sister got suckered into purchasing polarized photos for $30. They turned out really cute. Just not $30 kind of cute.

 Price: €15 (for museum tickets purchased on site) 

30 Hours in Paris

*Helpful news: Every first Sunday of the months of October to March, and on July 14th, admission to the Louvre museum is FREE for all visitors. 


Galeries Lafayette 

One of the most well decorative and designed malls I’ve ever been to. The rooftop is my favorite part – 2 restaurants, a champagne bar, and a spectacular view of the city, with the Eiffel Tower in site.  The escalators/getting to the top is a little pain in the butt but the view is so worth it. 

We stopped by the food court to enjoy a tasty salmon dish before proceeding to the next adventure. Check out my Finger Lickin’ Good: Paris, France post to find out what animal organ I was daring to try. 

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

 Price: FREE

La Basilique du Sacré coeur de Montmartre

30 Hours in Paris


I was dead inside at this point. I wanted someone to sling me over their shoulders and carry me home. Ibiza, and not eating properly, took the best of me.

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

It was a challenge finding the route to the church. Mostly because we basically did a walking tour starting from Arc de Triomphe to the mall and then hoped on a bus that took us slightly closer to the area we needed to walk up to. Luckily we found the Funiculaire de Montmartre, which is an elevator like train between the foot of the hill and the rue du Cardinal DuBois. Walking up roughly 200 steep steps may seem deadly but it is a good alternative if you’re looking to save money.

30 Hours in Paris

As you can see from above, the view from the Sacré Cœur was incredible. I would’ve loved seeing it at night if it wasn’t for the area being unsafe. 

BEWARE OF PITPOCKTING! Carry your backpacks in front and mind your belongings.

 Price: FREE (€1.70 if you choose to ride the Funiculaire de Montmartre)

  Moulin Rouge 


The Moulin Rouge was my last stop on this 12 hour, and very exhausting, excursion. We crossed the street, took a couple pictures, and left. It wasn’t anything grand unless you plan on attending a show. It just happened to be on our way back from the Sacré Cœur to the metro. 

30 Hours in Paris
You will also find that you are now in what they call, the red district. This street is FILLED with sex shops and strip clubs. If you’re kinky enough, stop by and grab yourself an Eiffel Tower dildo to remind you of how wonderful your Paris experience was 😉. 

30 Hours in Paris 30 Hours in Paris

 Price: Depends on the type of show you would like to book. Regular 9pm show event start from €87. 

30 Hours in Paris


  • Be mindful of your belongings.
  • Charge your electronic devices to 100% and bring a portable charger.
  • Don’t overcrowd your agenda. Separate your adventures into groups. Adding Sacré Cœur and Moulin Rouge to an already long day was unbearable.
  • Embrace the views. Rushing around takes the joy away from a memorable experience.
  • You will encounter a lot of vendors wandering throughout the popular destinations in Paris. They offer everything from metal Tour Eiffel replicas, hats, scarfs, items with LED, champagne and more.

30 Hours in Paris
 Au revoir Paris! 🇫🇷


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  • Reply John

    Wow, you guys squeezed in so much! Bravo 🙂 I think you covered most of the important things, one tip for next time – try montparnasse tower – the view up there is stunning. I can’t remember the price but its pretty affordable – less than 20 euros I think. Congrats on the trip and writeup.

    November 7, 2017 at 6:40 AM
    • Reply Melissa

      Hi John! Thank you for your comment. Looking up pics now from the Montparnasse Tower and man, I missed out on a wonderful view. Definitely plan on going back for a few days. How was your Paris experience? Any suggestions for the night life?

      November 16, 2017 at 9:27 AM

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