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30 Countries Before 30, Join Us!

WHOA! 30 Countries before 30…Don’t know if we are ready for this, because it is guaranteed to be no easy task. Going to the same places every year can get boring and we have been trying to stop that cycle. I was inspired a few years ago when I fell upon a quote, so I have been trying to stick with it and see where it takes me.

Once a year, go somewhere you’ve never been before. By: Dalai Lama

 Join us on our journey to see these 30 countries before we hit 30!

Here are the list of places we both would love to go to so why not do it before we turn 30. Are you ready to start this challenge with us?

 1. Australia30 Countries before 30! Australia

2. New Zealand30 Countries before 30! New Zealand

3. Greece   ✓30 Countries before 30! Greece

4. Maldives30 Countries Before 30! Maldives

5. Singapore30 Countries before 30! Singapore

6. Sri lanka30 Countries Before 30! Sri Lanka

7. Italy30 Countries before 30! Italy

8. Mexico30 Countries Before 30! Mexico

9. Spain30 Countries before 30! Spain

10. Tabago30 Countries before 30! Tobago

11.Czech Republic 30 Countries before 30! Prague-Czech Republic

12. Germany30 Countries before 30! Germany

13. Dubai30 Countries before 30! Dubai

14. Netherlands30 Countries Before 30! Netherlands

15. Vietnam30 Countries Before 30! Vietnam

16. Mumbai, India30 Countries Before 30! Gateway of India

17. Russia30 Countries before 30! Russia

18. Switzerland30 Countries Before 30! Switerland

19. Austria30 Countries Before 30! Austria

20. South Africa30 Countries before 30! South Africa

21. China30 Countries before 30! China

22. Bali, Indonesia30 Countries Before 30! Bali, Indonesia

23. Costa Rica30 Countries Before 30! Costa Rica

24. Hawaii30 Countries before 30! Hawaii

25. Canada   30 Countries before 30! Toronto, Canada

26. Egypt30 Countries Before 30! Egypt

27. Morocco30 Countries before 30! Morocco

28. Puerto Rico   30 Countries Before 30! Puerto Rico

29. Brazil30 Countries Before 30! Brazil

30. Bora Bora/French Polynesia

30 Countries Before 30! Bora Bora

Join our Newsletters to find out how we are planning to complete this challenge. Also comment below to let us know which countries you would like to travel to!

30 Countries before 30! Check out the amazing places you have to go before you die!

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