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20 Things you didn’t know about us

You never realize how lame you are until you’re trying your hardest to think of 10 cool things that’ll make people want to learn more about you.

Hopefully we’ll be able to encounter more exciting things to share with you as our journey as travel bloggers continues to blossom. Wouldn’t you like to see Tasha eat a cricket on a stick or get over her fears of riding a roller coaster?

Let’s start off with a couple facts about us:

We met through our sisters back in high school

  • They were both in the same grade and grew pretty close. I knew of Tasha but was too shy to talk to anyone. It wasn’t until college when we became best friends… Now I’m stuck with her!

20 Things you didn't know about us

We volunteered for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in 2011

  • They came to our college’s homecoming pep rally and filled us in with what was going on. They needed volunteers so we signed up. We got to witness the behind the scenes of creating a TV show and got to help build the backyard.

20 Things you didn't know about us


I am American-Haitian

  • My family is from Haiti but I was born and raised in the U.S. My first trip to Haiti was in 2013.

I can curl my tongue into a 3 leaf clover

  • It was cooler back in the early 2000 when no one knew how to do it.

I tried out for America’s Next Top Model 3 times and The Real World once

  • I got a ticket to the next round but got too nervous in front of the camera.

Longest relationship = 6 year

  • I’ve been single since 2012/2013. My greatest accomplishment was finding myself and following my passion.

I’ve spend every birthday somewhere new since 2013

  • I’ve implemented a rule to visit somewhere new every birthday. That is my gift to myself.

I’m very ticklish and easily scared

  • I scream at any abrupt sound and have given someone a bloody nose from my reaction of getting tickled.

I went to a French Immersion elementary school

  • All my classes were in French but unfortunately I’m not fluent.

I’m afraid of whales

  • They’re just….. HUGE! One slap from that tail and you’re dead.

I got my driver’s license at the age of 25

  • Yup, that’s right. Procrastination was a b****!

I’m claustrophobic

  • I got stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes and had to be pulled out. If it wasn’t for me trying to impress the boss, I would’ve passed out within 5 minutes.


I really don’t know where to call home

  • I do have a home, but I’ve moved so much in my life that I don’t really know where home is. For now, i’ll call U.S. my home.

I can’t swim

  • It’s embarrassing, I know but it’s not because ‘I’m black”. Everyone in my family knows how. I lived on an island most of my life and I almost drowned when I was younger, so I’ve been afraid to learn. But I hope to change that next year!

My biggest pet peeve is listening to people chew

  • Not sure why it bothers me so much, but it all started with my Mom.

I’m the youngest in my family

  • The youngest and extremely spoiled, not afraid to say that.

I’m a Princess

  • My father was anointed Chief of his village in Ghana a few years ago.

I was obsessed with Eminem when I was younger

  • I wasn’t a Stan, but my room was filled with Eminem posters and I knew all his songs by heart

I’m scared of roller coasters

  • Ever since I got stuck on one, it just hasn’t been the same.

I had lunch with a monkey

  • I went to what they call “Monkey Island” in Gambia. The monkeys are free to run around, so when we were having lunch one came to sit close to us waiting to have some of our food.

I haven’t been in a relationship since college (2012)

  • Why? Traveling has become a huge part of my life, so finding that person that has the same passion has been tricky

I’m an introvert

  • So starting this blog was a way to express my feelings, and hopefully break out of this shell.

20 Things you didn't know about us

20 Things you didn't know about us20 Things you didn't know about us20 Things you didn't know about us


Let us know 2 things that people wouldn’t know about you right away.

Comment question: If you could relive any moment of your life, what would it be and why?


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