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15 Ways to Cope with Post-Travel Depression

The moment has come and it’s starting to settling in. Your amazing travel has come to an end. No given Monday amounts to the inevitable return back to reality after an amazing trip. Let’s face it, it’s always harder to come home than to go away. But what exactly is post-travel depression?

Post-Travel Depression (PTD)
[pohst – trav-uh l – dih-presh-uh n]

A person who suffers from post vacation blues/depression after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation depression may be. This is because after the person returns home, they realize how boring and unsatisfactory their normal lifestyle routine is when compared to the activities he or she did while on their holiday/vacation.

15 Ways to Cope with Post-Travel Depression

Let’s begin with the facts! If you’re feeling any of the following moods after a recent trip, chances are, you have fallen into the dark pit of post-travel depression. Being home becomes a nuisance and you start to build that anxiousness to get away. This is normal. In fact, embrace it, dwell in it, whine a little and then pick yourself back up and move on to planning the next.

Typical Post-Travel Moods:

Mood swings
Lost of interest in things you normally enjoy

My Post-Travel Depression Experience:

It’s been two months since one of the best months I’ve ever had. We had back to back travels for the whole month of September. Made in America Festival in Philly, Ibiza , Paris, Vegas, and Baltimore. It was a wanderlust’s dream come true. That was until it was time to come “back to lifeeee, back to reality”♫♪ (name that song).

15 Ways to Cope with Post-Travel Depression15 Ways to Cope with Post-Travel Depression

I find myself watching those videos and snapchats on repeat, in a way, to help bring back that sense of pure happiness. I felt stuck being back home. Like I was losing my purpose and goals and settling for society’s norm. I felt a sense of nostalgia where I knew that nothing would compare to that first time in a new place. I can’t go back and relive those moments. As that adrenaline rush and having to pay off my credit card bill started to sink in, I started to stay in.

Do you ever feel so overjoyed that you tell yourself, “Remember this day. Remember this moment of pure happiness.”?

That sense of peace and calm takes away any doubt and negativity you hold inside. You wish that time could stop just long enough for you to truly appreciate that moment. Well I’ve learned that it’s okay to take a break and hold onto those memories before they become a “remember that time when…” story. Yes, some days will be “boring”, but that doesn’t mean the adventure ends. Take a break, recoup, and get back in the swing of things. Happiness and adventure is everywhere,  you just have to know how to create YOUR world around you. And that’s exactly what I’m doing.

15 Ways to Cope with Post-Travel Depression: 

Create a photo album or video of your recent travels
Hang out with family and friends
Take a road trip
Read a book(s)
Create your return plan before you leave so you already have things to look forward to.
Evaluate what isn’t working and make necessary changes
Get a fun part-time job – Keeps you busy and make more money (not for easily stressed out individuals).
Attend a local event – Most are free or low cost.
 Make time for relaxation – Treat yourself to a spa day 
Surround yourself with positive, likeminded people
Start planning your next trip
Start a new hobby/skill
Fuel your passion – Challenge yourself beyond what you know. Get that certification. Learn a new feature. Start your own business.

Stay in bed for 5 hours if you have to but get back up more passionate about life than before.

“Your life is in your hands, to make of it what you choose.” – John Kehoe

Let’s help one another out and start spreading positive vibes. In the comments, let us know…

Where are you from?
⁕ What do you appreciate most about “home”?
⁕ How do you cope with post-travel (or general) depression?
⁕ What is one things that keeps you going no matter how hard life may get?

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