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15 Fun Things to do by Yourself

Your friends are out of town, you and your boyfriend aren’t talking because he won’t give you his phone password, or your family won’t stop asking you when you’re going to get married and have kids. Everyone’s annoying you but you still want to go out and enjoy your day/weekend. Take it upon yourself and have a “treat yourself” day.

First of all, certain things do require you to actually have friends, but you’ll be surprised what kind of fun you can get into by yourself. 

1. Go to a Museum
Museums are a great place to blend in if you’re alone. Most people wander away from their group anyways so it’s not like you’d stand out. Try different kinds of museum – art, history, sex, science and technology. 


2. Explore downtown

Take the bus or metro into the city – for me that’s Washington, D.C.. While Tasha was still away on her trip this past weekend, I went to the capitol to see the last bit of construction left on site. 

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3. Have a spa day or get a massage

Look up the best reviewed spas/masseuse in your area and take an hour to yourself. I go to a place that charges $50-$60 for one hour of deep tissue massage. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Buy some epsom salt, scented candles, run a warm bubbly bath, and turn on some smooth jams… Just not the type that’ll get you in your feelings. 

4. Go to the movies

Matinee movies are the best. Cheaper prices and a fairly empty theater. 

5. Plan a trip 

Be spontaneous and take the next greyhound out to a city or state near you. You’ll be surprised how many people you’re able to meet.

6. Workout 

The best place to clear your head while listening to your favorite music is at the gym. It’s my me time and where I go to release some stress and build a booty.

7. Binge watch a popular TV show 

There are a list of shows I still haven’t caught up on. So much so that I’m pretty sure the series is over by now.


8. People watch and enjoy the outdoors 

You never realize how weird and different people are until you sit back with a bowl of froyo just watching people go by. My favorite is watching bratty kids disobey their parents. The success in their little eyes kills me haha. But also elderly couples who still hold hands after 50+ years.

9. Read a book or two

I recently bought a few books to keep my mind on the right track and to challenge myself. Let’s face it, Instagram is making all of us a little crazy and lacks proper vocabulary/grammar. 

10. Cook and/or bake

We are all our own Emeril Lagasse if we put our minds to it. Saying that you can’t make something before trying it is like people who say they hate pizza – it doesn’t make sense. Use this free time to experiment in the kitchen. Once you’re done give me a call because I’m starving!! 

11. Shopping spree 

Nothing says “f you!” more than a brand new wardrobe (I’m feelin myself, I’m feel in myself, I’m feel in my…). While you’re at it, get yourself an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel too. The rule is, for every item you buy you have to get rid of an article of clothing in your closet. Like you’re really going to wear those space leggings again. 

12. Challenge yourself!

You finally have some time to do whatever it is that you have been putting off. For me it’s learning how to skateboard. It’s been a goal of mine for forever but I can’t seem to push myself hard enough to learn on my own. Learn how to ride a bike, swim, a new language, or understand the opposite sex – because we all know how hard that is. 


13. Go to the bar and talk to other locals 

Because most likely there’s someone else drowning in their sorrows too. Grab a beer, order some fatty appetizers, and enjoy a nice, possibly drunken, conversation with strangers. Entertainment at its finest. (PS – if you’re a female, be smart. Don’t go to a bar alone, get drunk, and end up in Brian’s bed. Relax, enjoy, and cover your drink so you don’t get roofied.) 

14. Set goals

What you want in life may not be clear in your mind right now but writing down a simple word or phrase can help clarify those thoughts down the road. Whether it’s short term or long term, setting goals makes life more interesting and fun. Try creating a vision board. What you see everyday might just come true. 

15. Browse Groupon/LivingSocial

Finally, one of my favorite things to do – save money! Browse through the “things to do” category under the “local” tab to find affordable things to do around you. Most of the items listed would have never crossed your mind but may turn out to be quite the experience. 



Now go be a fun introvert and let us know what kind of adventures you get yourself into 😉

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